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Year 3 Willow Class

Class Teacher Miss Andi Robinson-

Willow Class Update


Willow Class have settled into Year 3 happily! They are adapting well to our classroom routines and expectations and are taking steps towards becoming more independent. I'm very proud of them all!


We have been learning how to compare and order numbers to 1000 and counting on and back in 10s and 100s. We are now moving onto extending our existing addition knowledge and skills.


We have been working towards creating a rock fact file. We have learned how to use alphabetical order, headings, sub-headings and paragraphs to organise information. Our next reading and writing journey will be a volcano poem.


We have been exploring how to observe, compare, group and test the properties of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. We will continue our 'Rocks and Soils' topic by conducting a rock survey of the school grounds and thinking about why we use different types of rock for different purposes.


We have been underground explorers in our 'Tremors' topic, investigating what lies beneath our feet. We have learnt about how volcanoes are formed and the life cycle of a volcano. Next, we are going to build upon our map skills by locating volcanoes using an atlas and consider the pros and cons of living near a volcano.

Please find time every day to hear your child read and discuss what they have read to develop their understanding. 10 minutes daily makes a huge difference!

Thank you for your support,

Miss Robinson and the Year 3 team