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Sports Funding

Sports Premium 2015-16
In 2015-2016, Sports Premium funding is estimated to be £8990.  St Lawrence Primary School is committed to providing a good diet of PE provision for all its pupils, as well as access to a range of enrichment activities in order to help raise attainment in PE, and also promoting self-esteem and enjoyment of leading a healthy lifestyle.
Main Areas of Focus for 2015-2016

Continue to provide specialist teaching for a good or better PE provision.
Continue to provide access to extra-curricular sporting activities for all
Raise proportion of pupils participating in extra-curricular activities
In 2015-2016, we aim to spend the sports premium funding on the following activities, although these will be reviewed throughout the year to ensure the most appropriate and effective use of the funding:
Proposed spending of the Sports Premium funding 2015-2016 Proposed measures for impact Mid- year review
Strategy Estimated cost
Specialist Teaching in PE - all years £6,000 Gives good or better teaching in PE, pupil progress is good.  Improved engagement in PE and access to an improved range of sports.
Develops PE skills of non-specialist teachers through observation and sharing good practice.
Specialist football leader during lunchtime play £1,950 Enriches pupil sporting experience of regular playtimes, improving pupils’ skills and behaviour.
Enriches pupils’ coaching skills and embeds good sporting behaviours.
Engagement in local-borough and county inter-schools events £70 Increased no of pupils taking part in sporting events.
Provides opportunity to take part in competitive events within a team framework
Run lunchtime “Physi-fun” sessions £400 To encourage all pupils to take part in fun physical activities, especially those who are generally disengaged with sport.  
Subsidised extra-curricular sporting clubs, Swimming Club subsidy - £270 Additional staffing for swimming - £300 Boosts participation in clubs that would otherwise be under subscribed. Removes financial and social barriers to access to good or better sporting activity. As a result of increased participation, increased opportunities for pupils to take part in enrichment for those with financial/social barriers
Total £8,990


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